Our mission is to keep the North Fork of the Shenandoah River clean, healthy, and beautiful through advocacy, community action, education and science.

Friends Welcomes John Eckman as new Executive Director...

...and bids a fond farewell to Leslie Mitchell.  John joined Friends on May 30, 2014. He is a Valley native who has worked with conservation and education nonprofits since 1987.  A graduate of James Madison University, Eckman has served in various capacities with the Mountain Institute, the Rural School and Community Trust, the Pure Water Forum, and Valley Conservation Council.  He is on the board of the Virginia Conservation Network and is a former chair of the Shenandoah Resource Conservation and Development Council.

"I am humbled to join in the fine work that the Friends of the North Fork has been engaged with for decades. People who live in this area understand what an important and beautiful resource the river is for their communities, their economy, and their children. There are hundreds of folks already committed to the stewardship of the river and many more who just need to get their feet wet to begin to enjoy it. I look forward to working with local businesses, citizens, and government to ensure our streams stay clean, healthy, and productive for future generations."

Friends' Co-Founder and Long Time Advocate, Bob Kranich, Dies  

In 1965, Bob and his brother Jim, purchased a large farm in Strasburg, VA, where Bob moved with his wife, Chloris.  After his retirement from the Foreign Service, Bob designed and constructed (with an engineering consultant) one of the first solar-powered homes in Northern Virginia and in 1988, co-founded The Friends of The North Fork of The Shenandoah River.  READ MORE...                                                 

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  • Stanley Stands Up for the North Fork! Check out Friends' new water workbook for middle school students - Stanley Stands Up for the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.  Join our mascot, Stanley the Central Stoneroller, on a journey of water related, interactive and learning activities through his home - the North Fork of the Shenandoah River! Download activities for FREE!


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Margaret Nelson Receives the Friends' 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award

At the Friends 26th Annual Meeting and Family Fun Day, May 3, 2014, Margaret Nelson (wearing her blue Friends' cap) receives the Volunteer of the Year for 2014.  The award was presented by Friends' Executive Director Leslie Mitchell (wearing the yellow cap).

Read more about Margaret's contribution to Friends HERE!




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Friends’ Uses Stanley the Stoneroller

to Teach Students about the North Fork

Leslie Mitchell of the Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River and local illustrator Tom Chipley present the "Stanley the Steamroller" workbook Monday, June 9th, to seventh graders from Peter Muhlenberg Middle School's River Day. The workbook coincides with the Standards of Learning to teach students about their local ecosystems.  READ MORE...


Volunteer Opportunities!


Algae Monitoring Initiative…We Are Looking for Volunteer Monitors for 2014

As many of you know, the amount of algae in the North Fork has increased significantly over the last 8 years.  It has been choking out native grasses and impairing our enjoyment of the river when fishing, paddling and swimming.  While it is clear that the river is “impaired” by excess algae much of the summer, government action may be predicated on being able to measure the amounts of algae in various parts of the river.  With this in mind, the US EPA has funded an effort by the Interstate Commission of the Potomac River Basin to develop and test a river algae monitoring protocol.

We are in need of three to five teams of two or three people who are willing to help with this important work.  The effort will involve surveying algae growth at a selected transect of the river twice a month through October.  This effort requires wading across the river during each survey, so there is some risk involved. You would need to be comfortable wading the river and knowing when not to do so, due to river level or turbidity.  

Training of volunteers occurred in mid-May.  A second training date will be announced soon.  If you are still interested in joining the monitoring team, please let us know.  If you do not have a partner for this effort, we will team you up with someone else.  If you are not up to this effort, perhaps you know someone who would be willing to help. 

Interested?  Questions? Please get in touch with John Holmes at john.holmes@fnfsr.org or call the Friends office at 540-459-8550.


Raindrops Fill Barrels, and Barrels Fill a Map

Rain barrels are wonderful -- they capture, store and discharge rainwater that otherwise would flow off a roof, through gutters and downspouts/rain chains and become runoff.  River Network partnered with IMRivers to create the Rain Barrel Registry.  Read more...  Register your rain barrel now!

Friends 2013 River Stars

River Stars are a special group of Friends' members and supporters that pledge to annually contribute $1,000 or more to sustain our river protection programs and efforts. Become a River Star HERE.

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